10 Steps to Becoming a CNM Dual Credit Student

Become a CNM Suncat and explore more than 100 certificate and degree programs.

Here’s how:

1. Go to cnm.edu/dualcredit. Fill out the free online application. Be sure to select “Dual Credit” as your application type and you won’t be charged for tuition. You will receive a student ID number at the end of the process or one will be sent to you.

2. Submit the required signature page at any CNM Admissions Office within five business days. Visit cnm.edu/dcsignaturepage.

Before Registering: 

3. Transfer your ACT or SAT scores to CNM. Or take the Accuplacer test at any CNM Assessment Center. The Accuplacer is offered free of charge at any of CNM’s five campuses. Remember to take your CNM student ID number and a picture ID.

4. Take your test scores and meet with a CNM Dual Credit Achievement Coach. Visit cnm.edu/connect or call 224-3186.

5. Complete the new student orientation. Find out more at cnm.edu/nso. Dual Credit students must complete the online orientation.

6. Set up your myCNM account at cnm.edu. Click on myCNM.

Register for Class:

7. Register for classes online through your myCNM account.

8. Obtain a student ID card.

9, See your high school counselor for textbook instructions.

10. Visit cnm.edu/maps-and-directory to locate the campus and building where your class(es) will be held.


Complete the online admissions process by going to cnm.edu/dualcredit. Be sure to select Dual Credit as your application type and you won’t be charged for tuition or registration fees.



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