Need to Know for Parents


Any student attending a high school (public, charter, alternative, ancillary, or private) in the Albuquerque metropolitan area that offers elective credit in career pathways is eligible provided that there is a representative at the school who documents student registration, monitors or assists in internship/apprenticeship placement and certifies elective credit earned. Running Start for Careers provides:

  • Students career choice options in areas of study that prepare them for workforce entry. ‘
  • Provides real-life incentives for students to excel in their core subjects and stay in school.
  • Provides job-readiness soft skills alongside technical skills training.
  • Courses and Required Class Material are free to students.
  • Students are responsible for transportation to class locations.




Contact Info

Mariela Ruiz-Angel

Executive Director Running Start For Careers


Amanda Glennon

Outreach Services Office Central New Mexico Community College